A in B&W lecture: 1850s



"100 Milestone documents"


A document collection at the University of Oklahoma


A conservative economist evaluates Bush administration economic policy


The Declaration of Independence

thanks to Indiana University School of Law-Bloomington






Global Citizenship


bad sentences 1, 2, 3, 4 grafs




Syracuse neighborhoods and "redlining"


America in Black& White resources


The Miner's Ten Commandments


My Back Pages


Notes on Machiavelli


Play the map game!


2018/2019 schedule 1; 2


articles on U. S. History from the Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia


More about the Declaration of Independence and other founding documents

thanks to the Library of Congress


Ed Jordan's hardwood folding music stands


Joseph Ellis on slavery and the Constitutional Convention


The Opper Project on editorial cartoons at the Ohio State University


Landmark Supreme Court Cases


Great images from The New York Public Library


Primary sources from Awesome Stories


Richard Norquist on Good Essays and on Words and Sentences


John Spargo, The Bitter Cry of the Children, excerpt


What things used to cost, 1776 to today




Middle School protocol for a broken printer


Upper School protocol for a broken printer


The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Sojourner Truth's 1851 speech: "Ain't I a Woman?"


An excerpt from a speech by Susan B. Anthony


What is plagiarism? An article from the New York Times


About ICWEs


Keith Richburg on Africa


Income inequality in the United States


Defining Documents of US History


Boston then and now


Richard Hofstadter, "The Paranoid Style in American Politics" (1964)


A great site on U. S. History from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands


WWII documents


The New Deal Network



The American Historical Association


Martin Luther King's Letter from Birmingham Jail


Civil War Timeline


The New Deal Network


The Palm Beach County Butterfly Ballot from the 2000 presidential election


Oscar Handlin and Carl Degler


an article on Thomas Paine (also here)


The Civil War Home Page


Some material on the Sons of Liberty


Ben Franklin discusses his departure from Boston for Philadelphia, at age 17


Current Value of Old Money

How much would that be today?  For comparisons of prices and purchasing power, with a discussion of inflation and improvements in quality, see this site.


The History Place


Keeping Secrets


A lot of information on the First World War


More than you ever wanted to know about Presidents and food


Federal Statistics


Rules for Writing


Ideas about thesis statements


Largest US cities


on the Nineteenth Amendment


a great site for help with writing: www.dailywritingtips.com


the Syracuse Irish Session




On the history of American business, by John Steele Gordon


Frederick Douglass links


The American Presidency Project


American Treasuries from the Library of Congress: Reason


Carl Bridenbaugh delivered an address to the American Historical Association in 1962 that made a lot of people angry.  Here it is.




Leon Russell


Timeline of events in U. S. History


Abraham Lincoln realizes he does not know what "demonstrate" means


cool Cuba interactive




try this chronological-order game

thanks to Wakefield HS




The Avalon Project at Yale Law School


Which Founder are you?


A Cold War chronology from the Washington Post


Syracuse University's policies on academic integrity


A Vietnam timeline from The History Place


An article from Harvard University on the National Debt


Peter Beinart on Rethinking Ronald Reagan


Herblock on Hitler


Reverend Robert Walsh describes his encounter with a slave ship, 1829


some interesting information about Rosa Parks and buses


270toWin: electoral history through maps


The National Gallery of Art

in Washington, DC


A Graph showing the Federal Budget Deficit in recent decades


 Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger on Modernizing Liberalism


Steven F. Hayward on Modernizing Conservatism


Internet Modern History Sourcebook


Rachel Toor, "My Little Bag of Writing Tricks"

from the Chronicle of Higher Education


Western Land Cessions


subordinating conjunctions


the Land Ordinance of 1785


John B. Judis on ten books every student of American History must read


Landmark Supreme Court Cases




RSA Animate: Dan Pink on the Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us


Supporters and Detractors of Ferdinand Marcos argue his legacy in the Philippines




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