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Conspiracy Chronology

Cycle:  May 17-24




1 Pentheus VII. (lines 638-657) Study  lines 650-657
3 exam; Pentheus VIII (658-678)  None
5 Final exam review Final exam review

Cycle:  May 28-Finals




1 Final exam review Final exam review
3 Final exam review Final exam review



I will select four of these eight sections and one sight passage:

Ovid's Metamorphoses: pp. 14-15

                                       pp. 26-27

                                       pp. 38-39

                                       pp. 76-77

Cicero and Sallust:        pp.12-13

                                      pp. 24-25

                                      pp. 48-49

                                      pp. 58-59         

Be able to translate, answer grammar questions, and write with deep thought about these passages.