Picture Project                         Math II AC                      Name ______________________







2. Take many pictures of the places we visit. From these, choose 10.                     (10)



3. Write a caption for each picture. Include a description of what it is, its location and the date you took it.                                                                                                                  (10)



4. Write TWO really great math questions about each picture to be included in the display. Do not use the same questions over and over again, though some repetition is acceptable.                               


5. Create a visual display of your pictures and questions. BE CREATIVE!




6. Also, write your questions on a separate sheet of paper to hand in.                      (20)



7. Create an solution key for your questions.                                                         (30)



8. Share with the class.                                                                                         (10)




You will be graded on accuracy, detail and neatness for the solutions, creativity and craftsmanship in your visual display, knowledge and ability to answer questions when you share, timeliness and level of difficulty of the overall project.